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About The Artist 

Sarah Burks

Sarah first found her passion for being a Fiber artist through relentless curiosity and self discovery. She started exploring her passion in 2020 with researching the aesthetic of dreads and seeking local resources for Locticians. What she found was a significant gap in the local region that would support people like her. Her personal quest for dreadlocks started with simple trial and error, what she found was a journey of personal growth and spiritual awakening. She became more brave in exploring the craft, she found an amazing mentor and has since learned to be an expert Loctician. 

She personalizes her experience and connection with her clients, working with them to explore and help to build their vision. She focuses on sharing what she’s learned with her clients, and helps them awaken their own inner strength. 

Sarah’s an expert gardener and describes herself as a “Nature Girl”. She finds her work and interests to be both grounding and empowering. Sarah loves to help everything around her grow and thrive. 

This started as a passion but it’s grown into so much more for Sarah and she looks forward to sharing her journey with you.

THE STUDIO Fitzwilliam New Hampshire 

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